As mediators, we facilitate discussions and are trained to help individuals and families when conflicts arise. Everyone’s voice is heard in our neutral, unbiased environment to assist when important decisions need to be made.

  • Will Disputes and Inheritance
  • Trust and Trustees
  • Guardianships
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Special Needs
  • Power of Attorney and Agent
  • Personal and Home Care
  • Nursing Home and Assisted Living Placement
  • Transportation and Driving
  • Sibling Differences and Disputes
  • Health and Hospital Care
  • Intrafamily Financial Decisions
  • Estate Planning and Taxation

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Family Mediation

Elder and Family Mediation is a relatively new offering in New York. Most families disagree at one time or another, but when there is sufficient stress within the family unit, either because of a probate concern, a power of attorney conflict, or a guardianship disagreement, mediation may be a recommended solution. The Probate and Administration process is often difficult for family members. Often, one family member may be favored over another in a disposition from a Last Will and Testament or a Trust. When one beneficiary receives more than another, and they are both members of the same family, this event often creates anger and mistrust among the family.

Mediation is a neutral and peaceful environment . All participants are there voluntarily, and all will have the opportunity to be heard and to hear each family member present. It is not a public event, but a private discussion in a neutral environment. Other elder and estate law conflicts also benefit from mediation. Conflicts arising from a Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Trust, Last Will and Testament, Guardianship, Probate and Administration all may benefit from mediation.